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Welcome to ChubbWorks, a free on-line resource for Chubb Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) customers. Here you will have access to comprehensive Employment Practices Liability (EPL) loss prevention tools to address and prevent employment and employee issues.

"I'd Fire Him, But I Don't Want Him To Collect Unemployment!"

Leslie Zieren

When you have plenty of good reasons for terminating an employee, should the fact the employee may be eligible for unemployment hold you back? Leslie Zieren discusses. Read more...


Demanding More Documentation Than Required Leads To DOJ Enforcement: The Risks Of The INA

Written exclusively for ChubbWorks


An employer is sued for requiring work-eligible immigrants to submit extra paperwork. We examine the Immigration and Nationality Act and its risks. Read more...


Are Your Best Performers Bad With People? Differentiating Between People And Performance Management

Jack McCalmon

A recent survey shows disappointment with business leaders' leadership skills. Jack McCalmon examines how employers can beat the problem. Read more...



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Latest Numbers

Unemployment Rate

4.8% in Jan 2017

Payroll Employment

+227,000(p) in Jan 2017

Average Hourly Earnings

+$0.03(p) in Jan 2017

Employment Cost Index (ECI)

+0.5% in 4th Qtr of 2016


+1.3% in 4th Qtr of 2016

Source: Department of Labor

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What's New

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