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July 08, 2020

Written exclusively for ChubbWorks

Independent Contractor Or Employee? Facts, Not Agreements, Decide

California sues two employers under a new independent contractor law. We examine the law and discuss why every employer should properly classify its employees.

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Review Investment Plan Strategy Routinely To Avoid Fiduciary Liability Claims

Late in the litigation process, a $12 million settlement resolved an ERISA lawsuit over excessive costs. Learn about the risk.

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Are Generational Differences Causing Your Employees To Leave?

Employers may see Baby Boomers and Millennials leaving their jobs due to frustration over generational differences. Are your employees willing to leave, too? You make the call.

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What's New

Employee Training Is Important For Cybersecurity, But Other Safeguards Are Needed, Too

It is not enough to train employees on preventing cyberattacks. Read why technology, such as Network Traffic Analytics, is necessary.

Data Breach Notification Plans Are Necessary For Reacting To A Breach

Organizations need a data breach notification plan in place, and the capacity to carry it out. We examine.

Computer Viruses Are Hidden In Coronavirus Information: Signs To Look For

Cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new ways to obtain your personal information. Read tips to protect yourself from the latest criminal innovations.

Latest Numbers

  • Unemployment Rate
    11.1% in Jun 2020
  • Payroll Employment
    +4,800,000(p) in Jun 2020
  • Average Hourly Earnings
    -$0.35(p) in Jun 2020
  • Employment Cost Index (ECI)
    +0.8% in 1st Qtr of 2020
  • Productivity
    -0.9%(r) in 1st Qtr of 2020

Source: Department of Labor