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May 17, 2021

Written exclusively for ChubbWorks for Health Care Zone

Recission Of Job Offers Invites Scrutiny

The EEOC settles a lawsuit containing allegations that the employer rescinded a job offer because of the applicant's pregnancy. We examine this risk and offer suggestions to avoid pregnancy discrimination.

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Written exclusively for ChubbWorks for Not-for-Profit Zone

Are Higher Standards Proof Of Discrimination For Higher-Learning Institutions?

A female collegiate coach alleged she was held to a higher performance standard than her male colleagues. Learn how your organization can avoid the risks.

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Is The 9-To-5 Workday Dead? You Make The Call

A U.S. software company has discontinued the traditional workday hours, offering flexible schedules that allow employees to work from home. Do you think the 9-to-5 workday is out of date? You make the call.

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What's New

Credential Stuffing Attacks: What Types Of Organizations Are The Most Vulnerable?

A British institution falls victim to a credential stuffing system attack, shutting down its mobile access. Read about this cyber threat and how to protect your system.

Microsoft Exchange Hack: Update Needed ASAP

Patches often fix vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are exploiting. Read why automatic updates are important, especially after the Exchange hack by a foreign agent.

Malware Rarely Announces Itself But Waits In The Shadows

A newly identified malware on Mac computers that seems active, has yet to execute a payload. Security experts are baffled. Understanding current threats is a key defense.

Latest Numbers

  • Unemployment Rate
    6.1% in Apr 2021
  • Payroll Employment
    +266,000(p) in Apr 2021
  • Average Hourly Earnings
    +$0.21(p) in Apr 2021
  • Employment Cost Index (ECI)
    +0.9% in 1st Qtr of 2021
  • Productivity
    +5.4% in 1st Qtr of 2021

Source: Department of Labor