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July 06, 2022
What Employers Need To Know: Chicago's Updated Sexual Harassment Ordinance

Changes to Chicago's Human Rights Ordinance are effective July 1, 2022. Here's what employers need to know:

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Why "Cursory Investigations" Are Not What Is Needed To Address Sexual Harassment Charges

Health care organizations must remedy reported harassment through thorough investigations. We examine.

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Search For Accommodation Solutions To Avoid Discrimination Claims

The EEOC sues a manufacturer when it fails to provide a reasonable accommodation, then terminates a hearing-impaired employee.

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What's New

Fake Postal Service Note Infects Devices: How Employers Can Address Phishing Risks

Clicking the link in the phony postal service email delivers an infected Excel file. How can employers fight back?

Synthetic Identities And Ghost Employees

The recent sentencing of a cybercriminal gang in the U.S. highlights growing types of cyber fraud. Learn about the risks.

Facial Recognition Faces Challenges Even Though Passwords Still Present Security Risks

Facial recognition logins on government sites are put on hold for now. Read why passwords continue to remain the default.

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