Risk Trends™ Alert: Appearance Policies And A Trend In The States

Jack McCalmon, Leslie Zieren, and Emily Brodzinski discuss appearance policies under Title VII and a state law enacted in 24 states within the past four years – the CROWN Act. The attorneys discuss the history and purpose of the legislation, now pending in Congress, its application to Title VII prohibitions against appearance policies based on protected class status, and its effect on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Here is a link to the podcast: Appearance Policies And A Trend In The States

(Total time: 22 minutes and 54 seconds)

0:00 – 1:00     Intro; topic

1:00 – 2:38     Breakdown of the CROWN Act

2:38 – 3:36     States that have enacted the CROWN Act

3:36 – 7:35     The CROWN Act and diversity & inclusion

7:35 – 11:12   CROWN Act and Title VII

11:12 – 14:27 RiskTrends™ losses

14:27 – 20:30 Best practices

20:30 – 22:54 Closing

On the next podcast, Jack, Leslie, and Emily will discuss whether plaintiffs' trial attorney fees are out of control.

Jack McCalmon and Leslie Zieren have more than 60 years of combined legal experience, helping employers lower risk and improve employee relations in their workplaces. Jack McCalmon is the founder of The McCalmon Group, Inc. Leslie Zieren is the manager of McCalmon's Best Practice Help Line, a service that permits insured and other employers to call for best practice consultations on employment practice matters. Emily Brodzinski manages RiskTrends™. RiskTrends™ is McCalmon's proprietary loss database that categorizes settlements, verdicts, and other forms of loss on management liability risks, including crime, cyber, directors and officers, employment practices, child safety, and other risks.

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