What Do You Do To Prevent Age Discrimination? You Make The Call

Hostility toward older workers is damaging to the workplace and can appear in a number of non-obvious ways.

Age bias can manifest as microaggressions. Statements goading an older coworker to retire or similar remarks are problematic. These hostile comments can create age discrimination risk.

Sometimes age discrimination can be disguised as succession planning. Older staff members are asked to train a younger replacement, after which they are mysteriously terminated.

Similarly, age discrimination may manifest as requests to screen out workers above a certain age from the pool of potential hires. Caroline Colvin "Age bias claims highlight pitfalls of omitting older workers from DEI goals" hrdive.com (Jan. 24, 2024).

So, the question for our readers is: What Do You Do To Prevent Age Discrimination?

Please take the poll. Here is the opinion of one of the McCalmon editorial staff:

Jack McCalmon, Esq.

Age discrimination is often overlooked. Although it is the one type of discrimination or potential discrimination most will face (since we all age), ageism is often viewed as natural in the workplace ("out with the old and in with the new"). For employers, it is risky to ignore ageism because the verdicts are often severe because, ironically, almost everyone involved becomes older…including jurors and judges.

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