Does COVID-19 Have Your Employees Feeling Burned Out? You Make The Call

Employee burnout was a problem long before the pandemic. However, complications related to the pandemic have worsened burnout for many employees. A survey of employees across the U.S. revealed that nearly half of all workers currently feel burnt out, with many blaming COVID-19 directly.

During the pandemic, U.S. employees have experienced additional difficulties handling larger workloads, achieving work-life balance, and communicating with their employers - the top causes of employee burnout. More than third of employees surveyed stated that coronavirus-related issues were made worse by employers' failure to mitigate employee burnout. Less than 20 percent of employees said their employers were attempting to reduce workloads in an effort to ease burnout.

The cost of employee burnout is high for organizations. Burnt out employees may fail to meet deadlines, become less productive, make mistakes, and lead to higher levels of turnover. Employers should not make the mistake of treating employee burnout as a personnel problem. Experts say burnout is an organizational issue and urges employers to provide extra support to employees during the pandemic and focus on preventing burnout. Frank Konkel "Survey: Nearly Half of U.S. Employees Feeling Burned Out" (Apr. 14, 2020).

So, the question for our readers is: Is COVID-19 causing your employees to feel burnt out?

Please take the poll. Here is the opinion of one of the McCalmon editorial staff:

Jack McCalmon, Esq.

I don't think so, but for myself, I will be happy to be able to travel again and break up the routine. I assume everyone feels the same…perhaps some more than others.

One good thing…my garden has never looked better.


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