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November 26, 2021
Do Your Employees Have Password Fatigue? You Make The Call

More online accounts mean more passwords to remember. Are your employees suffering from password fatigue? You make the call and join the conversation.

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Leslie Zieren

Ask Leslie: What If I Fail To Designate FMLA Leave?

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. what to do if he has failed to designate Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) leave.

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Ransomware: Spawning New Liabilities Beyond The Ransom

A hospital faces allegations that its mishandling of a ransomware infection resulted in the death of a baby. Read how inadequate cybersecurity can affect patients, and present litigation risks.

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What's New

The Right And Wrong Way To Monitor Employee Internet Use

A recent announcement creates controversy over privacy rights. Employers often use technology to monitor employees. However, they must do so wisely. Read more.

Why Implementing "Zero-Trust Principles" Can Help Prevent Credential Hijacking

With cybercriminals relying less on malware, organizations must protect their networks, devices, and data with zero-trust security. Learn more.

Keep Devices And Wearables Close And Secure To Prevent Stalkerware

The FTC cracks down on one manufacturer of stalkerware. How can you keep stalkerware and other forms of spyware from tracking you? We provide tips.

Latest Numbers

  • Unemployment Rate
    4.6% in Oct 2021
  • Payroll Employment
    +531,000(p) in Oct 2021
  • Average Hourly Earnings
    +$0.11(p) in Oct 2021
  • Employment Cost Index (ECI)
    +1.3% in 3rd Qtr of 2021
  • Productivity
    -5.0% in 3rd Qtr of 2021

Source: Department of Labor