RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight Podcast: Employee Espionage And The Risks To Customer Data

On the September 19, 2022, RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight podcast, attorneys Jack McCalmon, Leslie Zieren, and Emily Brodzinski examined the prosecution and conviction of a former Twitter employee for acting as an unregistered foreign agent, engaging in international money laundering, and for other crimes. The group breaks down this particular employee espionage and data theft and relates it back to the exposures all employers face from internal data theft, online and offline.

At the beginning of the approximately 20-minute podcast, the trio addresses a question from the article discussed in the last podcast about managing employees hesitant to return to the office because of COVID-19 fears.

On The Next Podcast:

The next RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight podcast will address resumé fraud and a specific decision in which a court ordered a former successful executive to pay $118,000 back to his employer for lying about his education credentials.

Meanwhile, here is the link to the 09-19-22 podcast: "RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight Podcast: Employee Espionage And The Risks To Customer Data"     

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