Do Your Employees Feel Heard At Work? You Make The Call

Organizations are experiencing an extraordinary amount of turnover. A survey of 2,000 workers conducted by Explorance found 41 percent of employees are looking for a new job. Could it be because they don't feel heard at work?

Explorance found workers at all levels don't think their opinions are valued by their employer. Forty-five percent of employees stated they don't think their feedback leads to significant changes. This issue is not limited to lower- or mid-level employees; 40 percent of executives also don't feel heard by their employer.

The survey found workers want more opportunities to let their employer know what they think. Seventy-eight percent of respondents said they are ready and willing to share their opinion. Nearly 40 percent named employee surveys as their preferred method for doing so. Unfortunately, half of respondents said they did not receive any surveys in the past year.

Employers looking to attract and retain talented workers should be willing to receive and respond to employee feedback. Forty-four percent of respondents say taking surveys makes them feel like their opinion counts. Nearly all employees said they take the time to fill out the surveys and answer them honestly.

Experts warn that by not conducting employee surveys, organizations are missing out on one of the most valuable sources of information: answers to open-ended questions. These questions are seen as the most burdensome aspect of surveys for HR leaders and employees alike. The answers provided can be a challenge for HR to analyze and take the most time for employees to complete. However, almost 100 percent of respondents said they always, usually, or sometimes answer open-ended questions in employee surveys.

Information revealed by employees in their survey answers provides organizations with the feedback needed to create real, meaningful change. During this period of high turnover rates, employers must listen and adapt in order to keep top performers happy and attract new talent. Explorance "New Poll of American Workforce: Millions Don't Feel Heard at Work" (Sep. 28, 2021).

So, the question for our readers is: Do your employees feel heard at work?

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Jack McCalmon, Esq.

Every employer should work to improve employee relations by improving communication. While asking opinions of employees is important, it is also important that employers provide a safe and effective means for employees to report wrongdoing and concerns to their employer safely and effectively. Providing avenues beyond an "open door" helps employees and employers.

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