Do Your Employees Want More Workplace Flexibility? You Make The Call

Nearly 90 percent of employees said they will prioritize flexibility in work hours and location when looking for a new job, a survey conducted by Citrix found. In fact, 76 percent of those responded that they would be willing to take a pay cut in order to have more flexibility.

However, the survey found a disconnect between what employees want and what human resource personnel see happening in the future.

For instance, when asked if they thought organizations would become more decentralized with new work hubs in suburban or rural areas in the next year, 78 percent of employees said, "Yes," but only 67 percent of directors agreed. Finally, 83 percent of employees think employers will increasingly adopt flexible work models to attract candidates, with only 66 percent of HR directors saying the same.

In addition, 70 percent of employees, but only 51 percent of directors, said employees are more productive without constant supervision from managers. Similarly, 86 percent of employees said they want a job where outcomes are prioritized over output. However, only 69 percent of directors said that this is how they measure performance. 

The executive vice president of strategy at Citrix said in a statement, "Work is no longer about getting the most out of people, but the best." He noted that the pandemic has changed how employees approach work and employers must understand this in order to attract and retain top talent. "Companies that leverage technology to enable remote work can not only attract hard-to-find talent, but increase employee engagement and boost their productivity. And this research proves it," he said in the statement.

Citrix surveyed 2,000 knowledge workers and 500 Human Resources directors in both large and midsize organizations in the U.S. for its report. Danielle Andrus "Employees seek flexibility in work situations" (Dec. 31, 2020).

So, the question for our readers is: Do you think flexibility is a top priority for employees?

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Jack McCalmon, Esq.

The survey reflects a "sea change" as to where and when people work, sparked by the lockdowns of 2020. Ultimately, demand for quality employees will require employers to provide more flexibility as to where and when people work. Organizations that allow more flexibility, in the end, will attract and retain more talent. 

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