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Inmate Seduces And Then Sues For Sexual Harassment: Is This Right?


Two female guards have sex with an inmate. They get jail time as a result, and he sues for sexual harassment. We want you to weigh in on this bizarre case. Read more...


Does Safety Ever Trump The ADA?

Written exclusively for Chubbworks


Employer pays to settle a suit when it rejects an applicant as a machine operator who takes medicine for blackouts. How does the ADA address rejecting applicants based on safety? Read more...


Trying To Do Right Leads To A Title VII Wrong? Title VII's Gender Protections Apply To Males, Too.


"Females only" job posting leads to liability. Leslie Zieren highlights the situation and where the employer went wrong. Read more...



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Unemployment Rate

5.5% in May 2015

Payroll Employment

+280,000(p) in May 2015

Average Hourly Earnings

+$0.08(p) in May 2015

Employment Cost Index (ECI)

+0.7% in 1st Qtr of 2015


-3.1%(r) in 1st Qtr of 2015

Source: Department of Labor

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