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Using An Offer Letter? Don't Have The New Hire Sign It


Preserving the at-will employment relationship is important for employers. Don't blow it at the time of hire. Leslie Zieren discusses offer letter pitfalls. Read more...


What Attributes Does Your Organization Want For Management?


A survey of advertising execs reveals what attributes lead to promotion in that industry. Share with us what means success in your organization. Read more...


Presumptions, Stereotypes, And Gender Discrimination

Written exclusively for Chubbworks


An employer denies field jobs to female applicants based on presumptions and stereotypes. Learn how these lead to big settlements. Read more...



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Latest Numbers

Unemployment Rate

5.3% in Jun 2015

Payroll Employment

+223,000(p) in Jun 2015

Average Hourly Earnings

unchanged in Jun 2015

Employment Cost Index (ECI)

+0.7% in 1st Qtr of 2015


-3.1%(r) in 1st Qtr of 2015

Source: Department of Labor

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Apps That Track An Employee's Movements: What Are The Limitations?

An employee sues her employer after her employer terminates her for disabling an app that tracked her movements. What are the risks with such apps? Read More